Luxury group accommodations in the Ardennes

If you think of holidays in Belgium, you probably quickly think of the Ardennes. The Ardennes is an area in Belgium that is characterized by its many natural features. It is therefore not surprising that renting a group accommodation in the Ardennes is often done by groups who want to enjoy nature.

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Action, relaxation and conviviality in the Ardennes

Group accommodation in the Belgian Ardennes

The Ardennes are the most famous area of Belgium. At least, for many people. It is an attraction for everyone who loves being outside. But it is also very popular with beer lovers, for example. Because the Ardennes are a treasure trove of delicious specialty beers. The most famous beers come from this region.

Beers from the Ardennes

Take the La Chouffe beer, for example. This gnome beer (as it is sometimes called) is brewed in the Achouffe brewery in the Ardennes. You can visit the brewery for a guided tour with of course a tasting.
Another famous Ardennes beer is the Orval beer. This is an abbey beer, which means that it is brewed in an abbey (monastery). This type of beer has often existed for centuries and was originally brewed by the monks of the abbey. Also here you can get a nice guided tour. This one is extra special, because it leads you through the old abbey. 

Nature in the Ardennes

As already mentioned, you can also explore nature from your group accommodation in the Ardennes. The Ardennes have many forests, which makes a hike extra pleasant. You can also explore nature by bike. There are several beautiful routes through the area, and because of the difference in altitude you can really challenge yourself.

Cities in the Ardennes

The cities in the Ardennes are also reason to book group accommodation in Belgium. There are several cities where you can have all kinds of fun and interesting activities. For example Bastogne. This is an old city which, as you may know, had a hard time during the Second World War. There are still many memories of that time, including several war museums.

The Castle of Bouillon

And another beautiful city to visit is Bouillon. This town is famous for its castle that towers over the town. The castle of Bouillon is open to the public and offers special guided tours during certain events (e.g. Halloween), which give the castle even more charm.