Beautiful group accommodation in Belgium

Belgium is a country with many sides. On the one hand you have the coastal area, with beautiful beaches and beautiful coastal cities, and on the other hand you have the inland, with beautiful nature and beautiful areas such as the Ardennes. Renting a group accommodation in Belgium promises to be a wonderful holiday!

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Group accommodations in Belgium and the Netherlands

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Belgium is home to many beautiful group accommodations

Discover the cities in Belgium

Belgium has a number of fantastic cities that you can visit from your group accommodation. One of those cities is Brussels. Brussels is not only the capital of Belgium, but also the capital of Europe. The European Parliament is located here, which means that people from all corners of the world can be found in the city. 
In Brussels there are several nice sights to find. For example, you can visit Manneke Pis, and his female counterpart Jeanneke. But a visit to Europe in miniature is also possible (At Mini-Europe). And there are many more fun and interesting attractions to find in Brussels.

Cities in the Ardennes

Also if you book a group accommodation in the Ardennes you can visit several nice and special cities. For example, the beautiful town of Durbuy is located in this region. But also the city of Bastogne, with its fierce war history, can be visited from the group accommodation..

Nature in Belgium

Even if you are looking for nature, you can go in different directions from your group accommodation. We already mentioned the Ardennes as a region with nice cities, but of course the Ardennes is mainly known for its nature. And this nature offers a wide range of outdoor activities. For example, there is a wide range of canoe rivers. On several rivers in the Ardennes you can make beautiful canoe trips. There are also many places where you can climb and abseil. The Ardennes also offer the perfect place for a survival weekend. Ideal to undertake from your group accommodation. 

Hiking in the Ardennes

You can also go for a nice hike in the Ardennes. The vast nature offers a lot of possibilities for a relaxing hike. This means that you can walk from your group accommodation into nature, and only return hours later (unless you choose a short walk of course). This way you can make your holiday a wonderful, relaxing moment.