Holiday home in the Ardèche

The Ardèche is a very popular holiday destination in the sunny south of France. Every year many tourists come to this versatile French department. The Ardèche is known for its beautiful nature, magnificent landscapes and picturesque medieval villages. But don't forget the famous caves, the Gorges de l'Ardèche and Vallon-Pont-d'Arc for canoeing or the typical French markets. There is so much to discover during a holiday in the Ardèche!

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Holiday homes in the Ardèche

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The Ardèche is like a fairy tale, so beautiful!

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Discover the pearls of the Ardèche

The Ardèche is a favourite French holiday destination, located in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. The province has many hours of sunshine and partly because of this there are many tourists every year. When you go on holiday in the Ardèche, there are several things that should not be missed! You should put the beautiful nature, the various caves and tasting regional products on your list. What can you expect from a holiday in the Ardèche?

The beautiful nature of the Ardèche

A famous attraction in the Ardèche is of course the impressive Pont-d'Arc, a natural arch bridge located in the nature reserve of Vallon-Pont-d'Arc. Many tourists come to the Ardèche, especially to admire this special bridge. From the bridge you can make a beautiful trip by canoe or kayak through the Gorges de l'Ardèche. The Ardèche has a volcanic past. Mountains and rivers have created waterfalls. For example, the French department has the Rochecolombe waterfall and the Cascade du Ray-Pic. Ideal for a day out with the whole family and to end it while enjoying the sun, on a pebble beach or a rocky outcrop. In the southwest of the Ardèche, the Monts d'Ardèche Natural Park is located, where you can enjoy a beautiful walk along chestnut trees, rivers and mills.

Sights in the Ardèche

Several hotspots have already been mentioned above. But there's more! During your stay in your holiday home in the Ardèche you will probably be able to visit some of these hotspots.

There are also several (stalactite) caves in the department. The caves of Aven d'Orgnac are definitely worth a visit. These have been named one of the most important sights of France. In the caves of Saint Marchel d'Ardèche you imagine yourself in a fairy tale. This cave is special because it is the longest in the Ardèche. In the Grotte Chauvet Pont d'Arc you will find many cave thousand-year-old paintings.

Besides the caves, the Ardèche also has beautiful castles. The castle of Vogüé is situated in the village of the same name. Enjoy a magnificent view from the castle in one of the most beautiful villages in France. Vogüé is situated against a rock and has those typical medieval streets. Go back in the Middle Ages during a visit to the extraordinary castle of Montreal. Two other historical monuments that should not be missed, are Château de Ventadour and Château Aubenas.

Activities in the Ardèche

Besides enjoying the culture, you can also choose one of the many outdoor activities the Ardèche has to offer. When you think of activities in the Ardèche, you are often the first to think of canoeing or kayaking on one of the rivers. The most famous of these are the Ardèche and the Rhône. The area is also perfect for cycling, mountain biking, hiking, climbing and golfing. Popular activities with children are an adventure trail in a forest, horseback riding or fishing. A real adventure challenge in nature is rafting or canyoning. 

The Ardèche is also known for the crocodile farm Pierrelatte, a fun outing in bad weather. If you want to get to know other animal species, go to the Safari Park of Peaugres.

Famous villages in the Ardèche

Famous are those idyllic French villages, with narrow streets, small markets and cozy terraces. From your luxury villa in the Ardèche you can make a day trip to for example Aubenas. During your visit to this town you walk over the market with various regional products, visit the castle of Aubenas and enjoy the beautiful views. Earlier we mentioned the village of Vogüé with its small cozy streets and the château. Balazuc is situated on top of a rock and surrounded by vineyards. The village can only be visited on foot. In Saint-Montan you can still find traces of the Middle Ages, both caves and castles. The village is surrounded by greenery and from the ruins of the castle there is a beautiful view. In the Middle Ages, Désaignes was an important town. There are still a few gates to admire. Another impressive historical village is Soyons. In the caves of Trou du Renard you will discover where the Neanderthals lived and in the Musée Archéologique you will find more historical finds.

Also typical for the Ardèche are the villages situated in rocky landscapes. They are also called the Villages de Caractère. Jaujac is such a village. The village, with the stone houses, shops and cafes, is split in the middle by the river Lignon.

Regional products and specialties

The Ardèche is first of all known for its wines, especially the Côtes du Rhône. In addition, the department has an authentic French cuisine. In the north of the Ardèche, near the villages Privas and Aubenas, the chestnut is a favourite regional product. Potatoes and mushrooms such as chanterelles and ceps are also widely used for traditional dishes. The region also has various agricultural products such as honey, goat's cheese and olive oil. There is also a lot of nougat to be found in the Ardèche. This is because the department of Drôme, known for the nougat from Montélimar, borders the Ardèche. On the local markets in the Ardèche you can almost always find these regional specialties, like on the market in Vallon-Pont-d'Arc. Enough choice to prepare a delicious meal in your rented accommodation in the Ardèche.

Relaxing in a health resort

Are you looking for a day of relaxation in a spa or wellness area near your apartment in the Ardèche? There are several spas in the Ardèche. Due to the volcanic history of the region, there are carbonated springs. The most famous springs in the Ardèche are Vals-les-Bains, Neyrac-les-Bains and Saint-Laurent-les-Bains.

Your cottage in Ardèche

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