Holiday home in the Dordogne

The Dordogne in sunny France is a popular holiday destination with many. The country and therefore also this department has a lot of sunshine and that is one of the most important ingredients for a wonderful holiday. Do you like medieval villages, steep cliffs, beautiful scenery and canoeing on the river? Then choose to stay in a holiday home in the Dordogne.

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Feel like going on holiday in the Dordogne?

In the southwest of France lies the beautiful Dordogne. This province offers everything you expect from a wonderful holiday in a villa in France. Visit the medieval towns, historic castles or one of the many caves. As in many places in this country, the Dordogne has a beautiful nature. Canoeing, cycling or walking along the river Dordogne or in a natural park. We have listed a number of must-sees.

Castles in the Dordogne

The French department has several impressive castles. From your cottage in the Dordogne you can take a day trip to one of these French châteaux. On top of a mountain on the Dordogne river is the Castle of Castelnaud, surrounded by nature. In short, this imposing building is situated in a beautiful spot that provides a magnificent view. Because if you look a little bit better, you can also see the Castle of Beynac from there. Also extraordinary, because this beautiful castle is situated on a cliff. Discover the medieval history of the Dordogne by visiting one of the castles.

The Dordogne and its cities

Rocamadour, a special town built on and against a rock. It is also a place of pilgrimage in France. Worth admiring are the church and the castle on top of the rock. Another typical town for the Dordogne is the popular Sarlat. With its beautiful historic town centre, which is car-free, it seems like you are in another era. You will find beautiful mansions and historic buildings from the fourteenth century, narrow alleys, cosy terraces and markets with local products. Even more history can be found in the town of Brantôme, also called the Venice of the Périgord. Back in time, the city was only an island, enclosed by a river. The canals that used to be built now remind you of the canals in Venice. Be sure to visit the Benedictine Abbey. If you want to learn more about the Roman remains in the Dordogne, put Périgeux on your list. Wonderful to spend a day strolling around in the charming streets or at the market.

Rent a holiday home in the Dordogne

At you book your luxury holiday home for a wonderful holiday in the Dordogne. There is a wide range of accommodations, whether you choose a comfortable chalet or a spacious bungalow. Also, for larger groups there are group accommodations in the Dordogne for rent. Would you like a little more luxury during your holiday? Then choose a villa or holiday home with swimming pool or sauna in the Dordogne. 

What else can you do in the Dordogne?

Of course, there are more sights in the Dordogne. In the south of the province there are several caves to visit. Think for example of the Caves of Lascaux. Because the original caves are no longer open to the public, a replica has been built, Lascaux IV. During a trip through these caves you will see many prehistoric murals. Other caves to visit are the Caves of Rouffignac, the Caves of Proumeyssac and the Caves of Font de Gaume. 

In the Préhisto Parc in Tursac you will learn even more about prehistory. In this theme park you will learn, among other things, how our ancestors used to live.

We recommend Les Jardins Château de Marqueyssac to young and old. These gardens are situated high on a rock and offer a beautiful view of the Dordogne valley and two castles. Enjoy a walk on winding paths along beautifully pruned box trees. Near the gardens there is also a castle with several terraces.

Active in the Dordogne

A holiday in the Dordogne is not complete without a day of canoeing. This can be done on the river Dordogne or the Vézère. Along the river Dordogne there are a number of villages built against the rock, such as Beynac-et-Cazenac and La Roque-Cageac. You can also enjoy a beautiful view of for example the Castle of Castelnaud. If you opt for a trip on the Vézère, you can also admire cave dwellings from the water.

Of course, the Dordogne also has a beautiful nature. In the north, for example, you will find the Périgord-Limousin Regional Natural Park, which is spread over two departments: The Dordogne and the Haute-Vienne. The park can be explored in various ways; on foot, on horseback, by bike or even by donkey! For mountain biking and horsebackriding, there are signposted routes to follow. The routes lead you through forests, over heath, along water and wetlands. Not forgetting the geological heritage.

Typical Dordogne

This French province also has several regional specialties. For example, you probably know the foie gras, the goose liver pâté. Or the confit de canard, also known as the duck confit. The Dordogne has many farms that breed ducks and geese especially for these products. Another speciality that is often used as a seasoning for dishes is the black mushroom, the truffle. The inhabitants of the Dordogne are also very proud of their boeuf limousin and the clafoutis, a cherry cake. Other local products you will often find on the markets are walnuts, apples, ceps and of course the wines of Bergerac.