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France, the holiday country par excellence! With an incredibly long coastline in the west, a whole tropical coastline in the south, beautiful mountains and a very versatile interior, you can discover the most beautiful places from your cottage in France. The saying goes: live like a god in France!

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From sun holidays to city trips

In France, anything is possible. The south of France is perfect for a wonderful beach holiday, while the many cities guarantee a successful city trip. You can see so much from your cottage in France that you hardly know what to choose. Do you opt for nature? Do you opt for culture? Or do you choose peace and quiet? We'll give you a few tips to make your holiday a success...

Dive into nature

Let's first think about nature in France. There's a lot of it. Visit for example the beautiful Gorges du Verdon in Provence. The river Verdon has carved a beautiful gorge out of the mountain over a few kilometers. The Gorges lend themselves to various activities. You can do Canyoning, you can go canoeing, climbing and hiking. 
Are you looking for unspoiled nature where you can walk for hours? Then you must be in the Cevennes National Park. The park is very popular with hikers. Forests are crossed by small mountain streams, rivers and brooks. You will come across cows, small villages, bridges and much more. In short, it is the ideal place for a quiet walking holiday. 

City trip in France

Also for a city trip you can go to France. If you think of a city trip in France you will soon end up in Paris. The French capital, also called the city of love, is one big collection of culture, sights and places you must have seen. The real attractions are of course the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre. But also a place like the Catacombs of Paris and the Panthéon deserve a visit.

Another big city you should definitely visit is Lyon. This city in the south of France is known for its gastronomy. You will find this in the many Bouchons (bistros) and cozy restaurants. What makes your visit to Lyon extra fun are the Traboules. These are old, secret passages that used to be used to move goods unseen. During a scavenger hunt through the city, you may come across several of these passages. 

Culture in France

We've already mentioned some of France's cultural attractions, but there are many more important places we don't want you to miss. Let's start with the most unique attraction: Mont Saint-Michel. This peninsula has a beautiful abbey on the mountain. The city around it is completely walled in, giving you a unique island off the coast of Brittany.
A second cultural attraction that certainly deserves a visit is Lourdes. This type of pilgrimage is the place where people go to get rid of their ailments. The water there is said to be healing and the many sanctuaries make for a very spiritual place. How did this ever come to be? In 1858, the Virgin Mary would have appeared in a cave in Lourdes. This event made Lourdes one of the most important tourist attractions of France.

A breath of fresh air on the beach

Are you not looking for nature or culture, but for peace and quiet, enjoyment, sun and beach? Then choose a holiday home on the coast. The Mediterranean coast is a beautiful refuge for pleasure seekers. The beautiful beaches, the long coastline, the beautiful coastal towns and the generally lovely weather make the south of France a pleasant sunny destination. It is for good reason that millions of tourists head in this direction every year. For example in the direction of the coastal city of Nice. The coastline of the city is very long and excellent for relaxing and enjoying. Or choose a chalet in Marseille. This city is known for its delicious food, such as Bouillabaise and fresh fish. Here you can enjoy the Mediterranean weather and the beautiful city itself.