Vakantiehuis in Friesland

Not quite sure where you want to go during your vacation? Friesland is an incredibly versatile province where you can optimally enjoy peace, space and beautiful views. Take a unique city trip through the historic towns of the Elfstedentocht and experience authentic Friesland. With its own language, fierljeppen and Skûtsjesilen there is enough to fall in love with!

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Fabelachtig Friesland

Zorg dat je niks mist... Schrijf jezelf in voor onze nieuwsbrief en ontvang leuke nieuwtjes en spetterende aanbiedingen in je postvak.

The water province of the Netherlands

In the north of the Netherlands you will find the province of Friesland, where you can optimally enjoy the peace and quiet with the panoramic views. With many waters, nature reserves, historic towns and a whole culture of its own, there is plenty to discover! Almost everything in the province is unique compared to the rest of the Netherlands, making it seem as if you are in a different world. You have to experience this yourself to believe!

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An oasis of tranquility

If you want to get some rest, Friesland is the ideal place. Besides the beautiful views as you drive through the vast landscape, there are also numerous nature parks to be found. These places are best explored by boat, where you can quietly enjoy the impressive beauty of nature. Of course there are also many walking and cycling routes, so you always have a choice on how you want to explore the area!

City trip

Friesland is of course mainly known for the Elfstedentocht. Even though the mercury doesn't drop below zero, it is still advisable to go cityhopping. The eleven cities are historical towns that are not all very large, but do have a very rich history that is noticeable as soon as you walk through the streets. Discover the large range of shops in Franeker, take a boat trip through the canals in Leeuwarden, or go for a stroll in the lovely Dokkum!

Watery surroundings

If you like boating and water activities, then you've come to the right place in Friesland. It is for good reason that Friesland is called the water province of the Netherlands. You will find canals, ponds, canals, lakes and other water features everywhere. Throughout the province you can find sailing routes and beautiful lakes. The perfect place to take a relaxing boat trip. For water sports enthusiasts there are the IJsselmeer and Wadden Sea where you can get a breath of fresh air!

Cultural excursions

Besides nature and water activities, there are also plenty of impressive museums to visit. How about the Kazemattenmuseum, where you can learn everything about the famous casemates in Kornwerderzand on the Afsluitdijk. During the May Days in 1940, only 225 Dutch soldiers managed to hold back more than 17,000 Germans! 

The Royal Eise Eisinga Planetarium is located in Franeker. On the ceiling of the living room in the canal house in Franeker hangs the oldest, fully functional Planetarium. Discover the solar system and learn all about the infinite universe!