Vakantiehuis in Groningen

Groningen is a province in the far northeast of the Netherlands. The sparsely populated area has only one large city with Groningen, making it the ideal place to escape the hustle and bustle of areas such as the Randstad. In the province of Groningen you can enjoy peace, space and the no-nonsense attitude of the population.

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Holiday home in Groningen

Groningen is one of the oldest cultural landscapes in the Netherlands and even in Europe. The province is sparsely populated so there is an abundance of tranquility and space which provides spectacular views. There are 7 regions that all have their own nature, culture and sights. This makes it impossible to discover Groningen in one day. From shopping in old canal houses to taking a walk on the most famous footpath in the Netherlands. From climbing in Groningen's tallest building, to getting your feet wet when walking on mud flats. Groningen has it all!

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Discover the northernmost province of the Netherlands

With 550,000 inhabitants, Groningen is one of the most sparsely populated provinces in the Netherlands. As a result, there is actually only one large city, Groningen. It is a real student city which makes the city very lively with many shops, nice cafes and cozy restaurants. After a delicious lunch, walk in the direction of De Grote Markt, the central point of the city. Here you will also find the Martinitoren, which with its 97 meters is the tallest building in the city. After a tough climb you will get a perfect view over the city at the top of the tower! When visiting the city of Groningen you should definitely walk along the streets Hoge der A and Lage der A. These streets run along the brook 'De Drentsche Aa'. Here you will find beautiful warehouses and other medieval buildings. That's why Groningen is also called the Amsterdam of the North! 

Besides the capital of Groningen there are plenty of regions to explore by walking! From the north coast it is quite an experience to go for a walk on the mudflats. Here you can walk via the Wadden Sea to Rottumerplaat and keep in touch with the mainland at all times!

Stargazing in nature

For nature lovers there is Lauwersmeer National Park in the north of Groningen. The park has beautiful footpaths and cycling routes to discover nature. The unique landscape is a real bird paradise, where visitors are welcome day and night. In October 2016, Lauwersmeer National Park was officially declared a Dark Sky Park by the International Dark Sky Association. This means that it is an area where it is so dark, where darkness is preserved and visitors are also welcome at night to admire the beautiful starry sky. This is quite unique, because the Netherlands is one of the most light polluting countries in the world!

Fortified city of Bourtange

In the east of Groningen, close to the German border, lies Bourtange. The fortress has its origins in 1593, where it was erected as a fortress by Willem Lodewijk van Nassau. Until 1851 it was a very important fortress that was never conquered. With its pentagonal shape it is a unique fortress that is definitely worth a visit! 

Other activities

Besides a visit to nature or Bourtange, there are many more fun activities to experience in the province of Groningen, such as:

  • Groningermuseum
  • De Theefabriek
  • Het Pieterpad
  • Hortus Haren

Cheap holiday homes in Groningen

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