Holiday home in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a beautiful country. With a beautiful coastline, lots of water, forests, heathland, peat bogs and many more different types of landscape, a journey through this beautiful country feels like a true journey around the world. Add beautiful cities and cosy villages and you have a holiday you will never forget. And that makes the Netherlands an excellent holiday destination. Because of the small size of the country you can travel from north to south and from east to west in no time. So you can discover a large part of the country during your holiday.

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The Netherlands is beautiful!

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What makes the Netherlands so much fun?

The Netherlands is a beautiful country with a lot to do! The country is old, so many towns and villages have a beautiful historical character. The big cities in the suburbs are tourist attractions, but also the interior has a lot to offer. The nature reserves have been designed in such a way that you as a visitor can enjoy nature to the fullest, without disturbing the wildlife. You can get a breath of fresh air on the coast, walk for hours across the Veluwe, sniff the culture in Amsterdam and experience old traditions in Limburg. And there is so much more to do in the beautiful Netherlands.

Cities you don't want to miss

Let's think about the cities that the Netherlands is rich in. The first city to emerge of course is Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands. Amsterdam is seen by many as a "liberal" metropolis. There is a lot that is allowed and can be done. But Amsterdam is also a cultural centre. With many museums, a very rich history and beautiful monuments, the cultural tourists also get their money's worth. A visit to the Rijksmuseum, the Paleis op de Dam or the Rembrandtplein is a must during your holiday in the Netherlands.
Another city you should definitely visit when you're in the Netherlands is The Hague. In the Hofstad (the Dutch Parliament is located in The Hague) you can do a variety of fun, interesting and active things. For example, visit the Binnenhof, also known as the political heart of the Netherlands. Or go along Madurodam to see the whole of the Netherlands in miniature. Visit the Mauritshuis to discover the most beautiful art, including Jan Steen's famous work of art 'Girl with a pearl earring'. Or go shopping! It's all possible in the metropolis of The Hague.

Beautiful nature throughout the Netherlands

Besides beautiful cities, the Netherlands has beautiful nature. There are several nature reserves that you can visit, but also when you drive through the country you will notice that there is a lot of nature around you. The national parks are easy to visit, and offer the perfect place for a nice walk or a nice bike ride. For example, visit the Hoge Veluwe National Park. This nature reserve is very large, and has the big advantage that you can rent bikes there. The Kröller-Müller museum is also located on the Veluwe. This museum has a large collection of Van Gogh paintings, so you can very well increase your cultural knowledge here. 

Enjoy at the coast

The coastline of the Netherlands can also be classified as a nature reserve. The beautiful dunes, long beaches and tidal flats make the coast of the Netherlands a unique place. You can get lost between the dunes, you can make long walks on the beach, you can sit down at a beach tent and you can... mudflats. Perhaps the nicest (and most dirty) activity on the coast. Put on your shoes because before you know it they will be lost to the sea.