Vakantiehuis in Ommen; gegarandeerd vakantieplezier!

Fancy a weekend break? has a large selection of holiday homes in Ommen. The small town is situated on the river Vecht in the Vechtdal region. It's a beautiful location to relax and escape the hustle and bustle. Walking in nature, exploring with a bicycle, or cooling off during a hot summer day. Located on the river, the area also has many indoor playgrounds and swimming pools. It is one big play paradise in the middle of nature!

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De omgeving van Ommen is prachtig

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Holiday home in Ommen

If you are looking for a holiday home in Ommen, is the right place for you. From a nice spot on the waterfront to a luxury villa with sauna. In Ommen there is an abundance of peace and quiet, so you can enjoy a perfect night's sleep at night. Whether you go away for a weekend just the two of you, or want to explore the area with a larger group. Everything is possible in Ommen!

Take a detour

Ommen is located in the region Het Vechtdal, named after the river De Vecht in Overijssel. This meanders through the region, creating a beautiful area with miles of walking and cycling routes. The Lemelerberg is a popular destination for hikers. And with good reason! At the top of the Lemelerberg you have a beautiful view over the wide surroundings. Watch the river Vecht winding its way through the meadows and take canoeists to other parts of the region. The culture lover is also spoiled in Ommen with a nice location full of art and culture. Visit for example the National Tin Figures Museum, Regional Museum or Kite Museum! 

Experience the Vechtdal region

Many people are not familiar with Ommen and the Vechtdal region, while it is a great holiday destination! Surrounded by nature, the best way to discover the region is via walking and cycling routes. These are in abundance and will take you anywhere in the region! Peace and quiet is something you'll find everywhere here. The perfect place to relax and unwind. Next to the beautiful forests is Ommen on the banks of the river De Vecht. What more could you want than a lovely picnic by the river while the children take a refreshing dip? 

Looking for adventure!

Need a slightly higher thrill factor? Within just 20 minutes you can be at Hellendoorn Adventure Park or Slagharen Amusement Park. These parks have attractions for young and old, making them the ideal place for a fun day out with the family! In these parks there is also a real water park for a bit of cooling down on the sunny summer days!