Vakantiehuis in Overijssel

The land across the IJssel', although of course it depends on which side you look at it from. The province of Overijssel has beautiful cities and regions with unique landscapes! Each region has its own appearance. In the head of Overijssel there is a lot of water with lakes, puddles and winding rivers, Salland has an undulating hilly landscape and in Twente you will find a wooded area. In short, there is much to discover in Overijssel!

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Waarom je een vakantiehuis in Overijssel zou moeten boeken?

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Holiday home in Overijssel

Overijssel is located in the northeast of the Netherlands, adjacent to Drenthe in the north, Gelderland in the south and against the German border in the east. The province is characterized by the large amount of nature and especially its diversity. From sandy soils in Twente, to the water area at the head of Overijssel and hills in the middle of the province. The variety is enormous, so you won't get bored for a moment!

Holiday homes in Giethoorn and Ommen

The holiday homes of are on beautiful locations in Overijssel. First of all in one of the most famous villages in the Netherlands: Giethoorn! A holiday in Giethoorn is not complete without a beautiful trip on the water. Rent a sloop yourself, or reserve a spot at one of the many organized tour boats. These boats have beautiful routes that take you to the most beautiful places of Giethoorn and National Park Weerribben-Wieden.

Besides Giethoorn we also have a large selection of holiday homes in Ommen. This town lies on the river Overijsselse Vecht, located in the Salland region. Ommen is rich in sights, both in terms of nature and culture! The city of Ommen is the perfect base for people who want to discover the Vecht Valley. Ideal for a nice walk or bike ride through nature, and then enjoy the weather on one of the cosy terraces in the historic town centre. As far as museums are concerned, Ommen also has a lot to offer, including the National Tin Figures Museum and the Regional Museum.

Discover the nature of Overijssel

Overijssel is divided into 3 regions: De Kop van Overijssel, Salland and Twente. Each of these 3 regions has a unique landscape. The Kop van Overijssel, also known as 'the land of Vollenhove', is known as waterland. The peat bogs of Wieden and Weerribben create a varied water area with Giethoorn as its highlight! Salland is situated between rivers and brooks, but is characterized by hilly landscapes with vast meadows for breathtaking views. Here you will find the 'mountains' of the Netherlands, such as the Friezenberg and Holterberg. Towards the east of Overijssel we find the Twente region. Here you will find a beautiful combination of stretched out meadows, small towns and large deciduous forests that are home to many authentic Saxon farms.

Excursions in Overijssel

Besides beautiful nature reserves and cities, there are also plenty of activities in Overijssel. Enjoy a day out to Twickel castle and estates to admire all the splendour. In addition, there are plenty of places for an outing suitable for the whole family, such as Adventure Park Hellendoorn or Amusement Park Slagharen. Prefer a trip back in time to prehistory? At Dinoland in Zwolle, children can learn all about the dinosaurs indoors and outdoors in a playful way!