Holiday home in Portugal

Portugal is the land of Port, of Lisbon and of a rich history of colonialism. It is the homeland of world discoverer Vasco Da Gama. Besides all these points, Portugal is also a wonderful holiday country, with beautiful places, beautiful cities and many sights. A holiday in Portugal is characterized by its versatility and its possibilities to show unique places in this beautiful world.

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Discover holiday country Portugal

In Portugal there is a lot to see, do and discover. From the most beautiful cities to beautiful nature and stretched out sandy beaches. Portugal has a rich culture that is great fun to behold as an outsider, or even to participate in. 

The Portuguese culture

A part of the Portuguese culture is Fado, also called the Portuguese song of life. The music is characterized by the passion with which it is performed. The singers and singers are often dressed soberly, which adds extra strength to the music. A good way to discover Fado music is to visit a Fado restaurant. You will be sitting here enjoying the most delicious, traditional Portuguese dishes, while being entertained with this beautiful music. This is highly recommended during your holiday in Portugal.

The traditional dance

Another part of Portuguese culture are folk dances. The Corridinho is a fine example of this. This dance, which originated in the Portuguese region of the Algarve, is a very popular folk dance. No folk festival goes by without this dance being performed. It is a cheerful dance, which is done in pairs, and it is very nice to see. And even more fun to do yourself! So if you get a chance to dance it, take that chance right away!

Beautiful cities to discover

A number of beautiful cities in Portugal that you should definitely visit from your holiday home, are for example Porto and the beautiful Faro. Faro is the capital of the Algarve, but has only 60,000 inhabitants. That makes this city a small, cosy destination during your holiday. The city has a beautiful coastline, beautiful white houses and an old city centre that is walled by an old city wall. In short, you have a beautiful example of an authentic Portuguese city.
More famous is Porto, the city of the Port. Porto is an excellent city for a city trip. Here you have the most delicious wine (and port) tastings. But also for authentic Portuguese dishes Porto is the place to be. Discover the tastiest restaurants in small alleys and avoid the large restaurant on the quayside of the Rivièro Do Douro. Here you see mainly tourists. Discover the multifaceted art history of the city as you immerse yourself in all the beauty of Porto.