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Looking for a natural holiday destination in Spain where you can enjoy an active holiday? Discover the different houses of in the Pyrenees.

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The Spanish Pyrenees

The Pyrenees is an ideal holiday destination for every nature lover. The Pyrenees are mainly known for their impressive mountain landscape with many mountain passes. The beautiful nature is interspersed with picturesque medieval villages. 

If you like an active holiday then the Pyrenees is the holiday location for you. In the area you can hike and ski endlessly and discover several beautiful places. The mountains are beautiful to climb where you often have a view over the impressive glaciers. 

A day full of culture

Even if you want to take it a bit easier during your holiday or if you just want to enjoy the beautiful culture, there is plenty to do in the Spanish Pyrenees. In several medieval villages you can admire the beautiful architecture such as cathedrals and castles and immerse yourself in the Spanish culture. 

Tip: the best travel time for a sun holiday in the Spanish Pyrenees is May to September, so book your summer holiday for that period! 

Holiday home in the Spanish Pyrenees

At you will find a wide range of holiday homes in the Spanish Pyrenees. Book a bungalow at a reservoir or spend your holiday at a campsite at Lake Barasona. In our offer we have several holiday homes for 2 to 6 persons.

Tip: check out our bungalows at Bungalowpark Isabena. This bungalow park has a wellness area and a swimming pool, that's real relaxation!

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National Parks in the Spanish Pyrenees

When you go on holiday to the Pyrenees we definitely recommend you to visit a national park. In the Spanish Pyrenees there are several national parks that are worth a visit, the largest and most populair national parks are:

  • Ordessa y monte Perdido
  • Aigües tortes 
  • Posets en Maldeta

Did you know that the Pyrenees cross Spain and France? If you want to discover the French Pyrenees, we also have several holiday homes for rent. Check them out here.