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Zeeland, the piece of land that literally lies in the sea. The name suggests it, the province consists more of water than land. It doesn't matter where you are in Zeeland. Water can be found within 15 minutes! The islands are surrounded by water, but there are also many canals and gullies. Together with wind from the sea, it is the ideal place for water sports and other water activities! On land there are many castles, beautiful nature reserves and nice walking and cycling routes! What are you waiting for?

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Holiday home Zeeland

When you think of Zeeland, you think of water. The province borders the North Sea and also has many canals, deep gullies and waterways. Zeeland has 650 kilometres of coastline and there is always a beach, or at least a bay with a strip of sand. The beautiful nature and peaceful surroundings... you feel like you're on an island! 

Delta Works

On 31 January 1953, the South-West of the Netherlands was hit by the flood disaster. A large part of Zeeland was flooded. To prevent this in the future, the Delta Works were built. These impressive buildings are not only functional, but also very impressive, beautiful buildings. Defy the elements and discover via the Delta Route how the Netherlands is protected from the forces of Mother Nature!

Holiday home in Zeeland

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Go out for the day!

Zeeland has a wide range of nature, culture and fun activities. Discover the beautiful nature of Zeeland via walking and cycling routes that take you through the dunes, cities and nature reserves. You can also take an interactive walk with the so-called 'pearl routes'. During such a walk you use your ears, eyes, hands and feet to look for hidden pearls that you wouldn't normally find! In addition, the cities in Zeeland are perfect for a day of shopping, for a delicious lunch on a cosy terrace, or to broaden your cultural knowledge in one of the many museums that can be found in Zeeland!

Zeeland is water sports

When visiting Zeeland you can't ignore it: Water sports enthusiasts. Because there is more water than land and the presence of a strong sea breeze, it is the ideal place for water sports. Think of sailing, kiting, surfing, water skiing, canoeing, diving and kite buggying. Plenty on offer for those looking for a healthy dose of adrenaline!

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